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Licensed Massage Therapist

Amanda Johnson graduated from Lexington Healing Arts Academy in 2014 as a licensed massage therapist. She became interested in massage in an effort to help the athletes in her family perform at their highest level of ability, and has found great joy in helping her clients in achieving their goals.

Amanda believes every massage should be customized to the specific needs of the client, and strives to provide that "just right" feel every time. Whether you are needing stress relieving relaxation, a targeted therapeutic focus, or the intensity of deep tissue; she will work with you to achieve your goals. She listens carefully to what each body is trying to communicate and adjusts her technique in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Amanda has a family of distance runners, her husband and six children all enjoy cross country running and participating in local charity races. As a cross country coach, she has learned a great deal about how to help athletes prevent and recover from sports injuries, and has added this knowledge to her practice. She believes that taking time for self-care is becoming increasingly important and recognizes the difficulties that might make this difficult.

Amanda respects that often the time needed for massage is not easily found. When you are in her treatment room she devotes her full attention and energy to making it time well spent.

instagram: @aj_massage_bak4more