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Briana K.

Master Stylist & Curl Specialist

Briana King went through high school planning on attending nursing school after graduation. After spending a year at the University of Kentucky, she decided she wanted to dedicate her love of making people feel their best by tending to the outside rather than the inside, and thus, The Hair Fairie was born!
Briana graduated from Paul Mitchel the school Lexington in 2014. Although she began her journey with more interest in makeup, she was captivated by the meticulousness of cutting hair, including (but not limited to) detailed styles such as fades, pixies, and razor cuts. Briana also really enjoys educating her fellow curly girls (& guys!), and she is all about taking pride in your natural hair.
If you’re itching for a big change, but nerves are getting in the way, Briana is the perfect stylist for you. She takes pride in making her clients feel comfortable & earns their trust by explaining each step of the way.
When she isn’t wrist deep in hair, Briana loves spending time with her dog, Whiskey. She can also be found getting lost in a book or taking a night time walk to admire the moon.
Briana is available every other Sunday.
Instagram: @thehairfarie