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Meet Our Team

  Since our inception, our goal has been to grow our own salon professionals by providing a Master's Program
 for licensed cosmetologists. We recognize cosmetology students learn the foundation of our craft and it is our
salon company's responsibility  to provide them with the tools necessary to build a career.

   As you can imagine, we sometimes spend more time with our salon family than we do our own biological families.
 Over the years, our staff has built strong bonds with one another, and like siblings in a family we have our competitive
moments. However, one thing we can all agree on is that we will always have each others BaK and the success of one,
means success for all. The more seasoned members never hesitate to help our new talents. Often times, a higher level
   salon professional "assists" others in order to get the job done - provide unrivaled technical and customer service
    so the guest (who quickly becomes everyone's guest) will be BaK 4 More!