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French Fry Crossover
02/ 01//2021


It's Crossover Time!!!

written by our guest, Rob

It has been roughly 6 months since the last time I updated my blog. Blame it on COVID. Blame it on work. Blame it on being a parent. Blame it on watching too much tv. The real truth is that I just was hurting for motivation. When life becomes work, eat, sleep, repeat, it gets tough to write about anything. Of course I should be grateful that I have the work to do. I'm certainly grateful for the wonderful wife I have along with my fantastic son and perfect dog. I really don't have a ton to complain about, and complaints are normally the best thing to write about. Negative words sell. People love controversy. Thankfully I don't have a bunch of controversy in my life during a time where controversy is everywhere in our world.  That leads me to why I am writing this.

I have been going to BaK 4 More Studio to get my hair cut for roughly 4 years now. I met Helue (the owner) through work, and she set me up with Madison from the beginning. Back then I had hair that at least looked like it needed professional attention. We hit it off right away, and I've loved the service B4M provides ever since. Recently I've noticed that my hair is "thinning" from overhead pictures.  I decided to give up the fight, and I have started going with a nearly total shave every three weeks.  (look at the picture above)

Can you believe they haven't used this picture on the B4M Facebook page? No post of "Luscious locks by Madison" have shown in my feed.  Shocking!

Seriously though it is another positive of Helue that she wondered why I was coming in every 3 weeks to get a haircut. I told her I liked to keep it cut close, but I was touched that she cared more about not overcharging me for extra appointments than making money for herself. This is even more impressive in the age of COVID. This is the kind of place (and ownership) (and Madison is a great stylist and nice person) (and they offer soft drinks) (and they are insanely clean and careful) that deserves to be successful.

They have started a new website, and they have a blog section. They will link to other blogs, and they will blog on their own. Here is my shot at spreading the message of my own blog!

For those of you who are not familiar, my blog normally reviews french fries. Other things tend to creep into my writings including opinions on incredibly important things that very few besides me find important. Some of my readers agree with everything that I write. Other readers are wrong. The most important rule to know when reading my thoughts is that french fries should not come pre-spiced with anything besides salt. If you want to put something on your fries, that's fine. If you want to offer spices on the side, go for it. If fries hit my plate, they better not be sullied with pepper, red things, green things, or any other number of atrocities. Salt only. My blog, my rules.

All that being said, here's what the masses come for. The french fry stuff! I'm going to keep this relatively short, as I'm already way too long on what Helue was looking for on her own webpage. I want to update the current top 3 places in the Central Kentucky area to get quality french fries. There are many places, but these 3 (in order) are the best.

1.  Charlie's & Seafood Carry-Out - this spot on Winchester and Liberty in Lexington has long held my top spot for fries.  The fries are always perfect golden crinkles that have a luxurious fluff on the inside while being crispy on the outside. They get extra credit for the great staff and nice owners.

2. Trindy's - This little hideaway in Georgetown has been a recent discovery of mine, and they have shot up the charts. These steak fries have that perfect interior that gives you a nice mix of feeling like you are eating fried goodness with a fluffy baked potato type interior.  Just remember to order without the seasoning, or you will have some red shakes of spice on your otherwise perfect fries.

3.  Red Robin - Yup. This chain restaurant still has a hold on me. Unlimited steak fries will do that to a french fry blogger. I don't get to Nicholasville as much as I used to, but I still have the craving to go enjoy Red Robin. I have no doubt that as the country gets back to normal, I will go back to being a normal visitor to Red Robin. I will also go back to not being able to leave without at least 2 refills of these wonderful gifts from heaven.

That's it for now. If you are intrigued, please read some of my past work. Some of it may make you laugh. Some entries may bring a tear. You may disagree with my reviews or rankings. I'm glad to hear feedback, but remember that my rules will always apply.  Thanks to Helue and BaK 4 More Studio for the crossover opportunity!

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